Underfloor Heating Installations
Underfloor Heating Installations

"Our underfloor heating panels are the best in class with quality assurance you can confidently pass on to you customer."


For 17 years we have been refining our underfloor heating panels to make them really easy to use and efficient when run with a range of different water heating systems. Every single detail of our panels have been developed to maximise ease of underfloor heating installations in terms of system design, insulation, pipework, durability and flexibility for use across different floor types. Our Profix range boasts 8 point of design difference over the competition, making them the best panels of their kind on the market.


Our underfloor heating panels are designed to make your install faster and more efficient. Our panels are pre-engineered to suit diverse floor types and house the appropriate pipework for even and efficient heat distribution. Installers benefit from fewer components, straightforward layouts and simpler temperature control integration. Collectively these factors eliminate the complexity of an underfloor heating installation, making it faster, providing a seamless set up system and delivering reliable heating system to a property’s occupants.


As an installer we understand the importance of quality to your reputation. We manufacture our underfloor heating panels to the strictest UK standards. Our panels are built to last, use the most durable materials and are rigorously tested. They are designed and engineered to be versatile for all flooring types and deliver a reliable and even heat source that stands the test of time. Our panels create a really strong base for pipework and manifolds, resist bending, distortion and accommodate thermal expansion. You can count on the strength and reliability of our underfloor heating panels and pass that assurance to your customers.


Some underfloor heating panel suppliers sell products which only work with their own systems and components. We do not believe in that. We focus on what we do best which is the manufacture of quality and versatile panels. Our panels are designed to work with your existing plumbing and standard components. For new installs we do recommend the use of quality products, such as PEX or PERT pipes and strong connectors, which match the longevity and durability of our panels. This is to maximise the quality of the entire install in terms of lifespan, maintenance and performance.


Our underfloor heating panel construction is solid and extremely durable for heavy loads and foot traffic. Our PROFIX® panels provide exceptional strength by evenly distributing weight, preventing bending or distortion and ensuring long-term reliability. All of our panels are crafted from resilient materials and can withstand the test of time and stress. We use an innovative fixing system that ensures all parts of the system remain in place to safeguard against any movement that could compromise the structure and put pressure on the fixings. Tucked away, under the floor, the system also avoids damage and corrosion. Furthermore, our panels are water resistant which protects against property water damage.


Our underfloor heating panels have been designed to work with various heat sources, like boilers, heat pumps, and renewables. The 2025 new home gas boiler ban, and 2050 Government net zero target may push many more homeowners towards underfloor heating and alternative heat sources. Our underfloor heating panels are a sensible choice to help with this transition. They have been designed to be future flexible, anticipate the changing needs of the homeowner and installer and can be used to phase an install room by room. They also work with advanced temperature controls and lower heat sources, both of which are essential in net zero heating systems.


You get what you pay for. Our underfloor panel design have now been imitated by several other manufacturers. In an attempt to be more competitive, the quality has been compromised to reduce the cost. Does this matter? It depends what you want from the system. If you want to reassure your customers, you are providing a solid underfloor heating system that is built to last it is worth buying the best. Our underfloor heating panels will save your customers money in the long term – they distribute heat efficiently, need little maintenance and cut energy use and bills.


We are able to support you through all stages of your underfloor heating panel purchase. Our expert consultants specialises in designing, installing, and maintaining underfloor heating systems. They’re skilled in different types of panels, temperature control, and energy efficiency. Their knowledge ensures effective, comfortable, and energy-saving heating solutions for homes and businesses. If you need advice on any aspect of your project from panel selection to aftersales and installation please feel free to pick up the phone and call 01923 725180 or email us at sales@underfloorheatingpanels.co.uk.


All of our underfloor heating panels are manufactured and distributed from the UK. Without overseas shipping challenges we can ensure your panels get to you quickly. UK manufacture regulations are strict which guarantees safety and quality. Our underfloor heating panels are designed for the UK climate which means you can use them with confidence on UK installs.


For 30 years we have been committed to making underfloor heating warmer, more efficient and more durable. Epic work closely with installers to understand their daily challenges. We understand the homeowner and what they require from home heating. We understand the complexity and diversity of floors.
We follow the industry news and integrate new technologies and we understand government policies and how they will affect the homeowner. Every detail of this knowledge is reflected in the careful engineering of our panels. Our experience makes our product better. It is in every detail of the underfloor heating panels we create


All of our underfloor heating panels have been created to solve some of the industries toughest challenges to make every install more efficient, durable and cost effective.


Our panels provide a robust base for your underfloor heating pipes. The panel designs incorporate moulding details which prevent twist and distortion.


Our panels include easy to use pipe clips which help you space pipes at the perfect distance and hold them firmly in position when the pipes are laid.


Our panels include the optimum amount of screw holes, perfectly positioned to hold your panels in place. This eliminates guesswork and makes fitting really efficient.


Our panels are moulded to prevent twist which helps keep the install floor level stable both during fitting and after the installation has been completed.


Our panels have markers to indicate the ultimate level for pouring screed. This eliminates guesswork and makes sure your installation works to maximum efficiency.


Our panels have an innovative locking system which holds them firmly together to create a firm and shake proof base for your underfloor heating pipework.


Our panels cater for different size pipes and help you position them accordingly for the correct heat output for you room size and heat source output.


We have engineered our panels to be easy to cut saving you time during the install and making fitting as simple and efficient as possible.