Help Property Owners Achieve Heat Output and Efficiency
Help Property Owners Achieve Heat Output and Efficiency

"Our underfloor heating panels are the best on the market for durability, heat output and efficiency. When fitted correctly you home will be warmer, more cost effective and future proofed against gas boiler legislation changes."


Our underfloor heating panels will create a really warm and cosy home when installed correctly. Heat from the floor radiates upwards to heat you and the room, unlike radiator heat which often disappears through walls or windows. Our underfloor heating panels use hot water which runs through multiple pipes just below the floor and are insulated to make sure the heat goes upwards and not into the floor screed or materials around it. This means the maximum possible heat is transferred to you and your home. It is important to choose the right panel for each different floor and our team are ready at the end of the phone to help you decide.


Our underfloor heating panels offer remarkable energy savings by providing a highly efficient heating solution. Our panels help create an even heat output distribution, decreasing heat loss, and have been designed to operate at lower temperatures without decreasing output. The system’s zoning capabilities further enhance its efficiency. By eliminating cold spots and drafts, underfloor heating ensures unmatched comfort. It also maintains superior indoor air quality by avoiding the circulation of allergens.


Our underfloor heating panels are designed to help the installer create a stable and leakproof system. Although no system can be 100% guaranteed against leaks, our panels provide the best possible base for your plumber or installer. Our panels are made from strong and durable materials and are designed to accommodate thermal expansion. To avoid leaks your installer or plumber should pressure test the system, use durable pipes and strong connectors, perform water quality management and sensor-based monitoring. With regular maintenance your underfloor heating should stay leak free.


Our underfloor heating panels have been designed to work with heat pumps. In 2025 gas boilers are banned in new build homes and if the Government aims to reach the UK 2050 net zero target as householders, we may also be asked to look at alternative heating for existing homes. The guidance is currently vague which is not helpful. What we do know is that our underfloor heating panels will work with boilers and heat pumps so if you are wanting a future proof solution for heating your home it is a sensible consideration. Our panels also enable you to phase your underfloor heating install room by room which will help spread the cost.


Our underfloor heating panel construction is solid and extremely durable for heavy loads and foot traffic. The Profix range is so strong you can drive a car over it. In fact, our systems are so strong they can even contribute to the stability of your architecture and insulated so well they can actually reduce sound. We use an innovative fixing system that ensures all parts of the system remain in place to safeguard against any movement that could compromise the structure and put pressure on the fixings. Tucked away, under the floor, the system also avoids damage and corrosion. Furthermore, our panels are water resistant which protects against property water damage.


Our goal is to help our customers achieve underfloor heating systems that ‘last a lifetime’. Our panels create a quality base for installers to build upon. We encourage installers to use durable PEX or PERT pipes and strong connectors, which create a system that resists wear. Pre-installation tests and regular maintenance, including vigilant monitoring, upholds efficiency. The system’s uniform warmth distribution eases strain on its components, ensuring a long lifespan. In summary with a blend of thoughtful panel engineering, preventive care and maintenance, the system will deliver long lasting reliability and comfort for many years ahead.


Our panels make installing underfloor heating installation quicker, more efficient, and remarkably non-invasive. The installation involves placing heating elements beneath the floor surface, requiring minimal structural adjustments. The absence of major modifications means quicker setup. In retrofit scenarios, thin heating mats can be laid directly on existing floors. This simplicity reduces installation time, making it ideal for both new construction and renovations. We even sell screed-less panel systems. Consequently, our underfloor heating panels offer a hassle-free and rapid way to enjoy efficient and cosy warmth without major upheaval


For 30 years we have been committed to making underfloor heating warmer, more efficient and more durable. Epic work closely with installers to understand their daily challenges. We understand the homeowner and what they require from home heating. We understand the complexity and diversity of floors.
We follow the industry news and integrate new technologies and we understand government policies and how they will affect the homeowner. Every detail of this knowledge is reflected in the careful engineering of our panels. Our experience makes our product better. It is in every detail of the underfloor heating panels we create


All of our underfloor heating panels have been created to solve some of the industries toughest challenges to make every install more efficient, durable and cost effective.


Our panels provide a robust base for your underfloor heating pipes. The panel designs incorporate moulding details which prevent twist and distortion.


Our panels include easy to use pipe clips which help you space pipes at the perfect distance and hold them firmly in position when the pipes are laid.


Our panels include the optimum amount of screw holes, perfectly positioned to hold your panels in place. This eliminates guesswork and makes fitting really efficient.


Our panels are moulded to prevent twist which helps keep the install floor level stable both during fitting and after the installation has been completed.


Our panels have markers to indicate the ultimate level for pouring screed. This eliminates guesswork and makes sure your installation works to maximum efficiency.


Our panels have an innovative locking system which holds them firmly together to create a firm and shake proof base for your underfloor heating pipework.


Our panels cater for different size pipes and help you position them accordingly for the correct heat output for you room size and heat source output.


We have engineered our panels to be easy to cut saving you time during the install and making fitting as simple and efficient as possible.