Gas Boiler Ban and Net Zero
Gas Boiler Ban and Net Zero

In 2025 the Government intends to ban the use of gas boilers in new build properties. What happens next?

In 2025 New Homes will be the first category of building in the UK to be removed completely from the gas grid. As an alternative heat and hot water source, many new homes will switch to underfloor heating and a carbon neutral heat source such as a heat pump.
We are often asked if and when the gas boiler ban will extend to all properties. The answer to this question remains unclear, which is not helpful. Government timelines do tend to change with different policies and parties, which leaves the average homeowner wondering when it will affect them.

"We anticipate the ban on gas boilers could extend to all properties at some point between 2025 and 2050. The date has not yet been announced but we keep our eye on the news."

Will the 2025 new property gas boiler ban actually happen?

Yes – under current legislation.

Will it effect just all properties or new builds?

Just new builds.

What are the alternative options for heating my home?

Renewables energy, heat pumps, air source and ground source where possible.

Can I just buy a new boiler before they are banned?

If your current boiler is working fine and well maintained then there is no need to replace it. Although new boilers can be more efficient.

When will gas boilers be banned for all properties?

2050 is the date the government want to achieve new zero carbon emissions.

How can underfloor heating panels help me make this easier?

Underfloor heating can run efficiently at lower water temperatures.

Can I run radiators off a heat pump?

Yes, although to gain the same degree of warmth radiators will need to be larger.

Is underfloor heating as efficient as radiators?

Underfloor heating is more efficient than radiators, particularly at lower water temperatures, which are typically heat pumps.

"Future proofing your property for all eventualities. What can you do?"

Removing all properties from the gas grid is a complex and somewhat idealistic subject. For homeowners worried about the cost of switching an entire home to carbon neutral heating is a financial and practical worry. What we do know is that heat pumps do not effectively power radiators – without gas boilers, a different heating system, such as underfloor heating, will be a necessity.
We do not know if and when the Government intends to ban gas boilers in all homes. Without knowing this it is hard to give any homeowner concrete advice for the future. Our sensible advice, if you are concerned, would be to start the switch to underfloor heating. This will future proof your home whatever legislation changes take place. Fortunately, we have many years to make the change.

"It is entirely possible to start installing underfloor heating in your home, room by room now, and run it with a gas boiler and your radiators. You will then be ready to switch your gas boiler to a heat pump with minimum upheaval, if and when the gas boiler ban applies."

Underfloor heating has come a long way since it’s early integration into homes. Today a well fitted wet (water) underfloor heating system will give you a really warm home with energy savings on top. Underfloor heating can be powered by gas boilers and will run alongside your radiators. Thanks to innovative underfloor heating panels, underfloor heating is easy to retrofit with your existing floors. Phasing a switch to underfloor heating room by room as you decorate your home is entirely possible which will spread the cost and minimise the upheaval of a complete system installation in one go.
Many of our customers are surprised by the heat output and energy savings of underfloor heating alone but it can be even better. Adopting a 360 approach to carbon neutrality in the home will achieve even greater efficiency from your underfloor heating system and your household running costs. The net zero home includes alternative measures for power, lighting, plumbing, glazing and insulation. Collectively they all contribute to the perfect carbon neutral and energy efficient housing model for the future.
Net Zero Homes and Underfloor Heating Panels
Net Zero Homes and Underfloor Heating Panels

"We understand the potential gas boiler bans is daunting for the average property owner. We have been leading the industry with innovative solutions for 30 years. We are here to help."

With the rising cost of living the prospect of more financial outlay simply to heat our homes is terrifying for the average homeowner. In reality the installation of underfloor heating in one single room need not be more expensive than a new floor. 

We have been innovating underfloor heating panels for 30 years and have an answer to almost every problem. We supply panels for almost all projects and property types. Please give us a call– we are here to help.