Leading the industry with underfloor heating panel innovation for 30 years
Leading the industry with underfloor heating panel innovation for 30 years

"For 30 years we have been leading the industry with underfloor heating panel innovation."

Great design takes time. For 30 years we have been committed to making underfloor heating warmer, more efficient and more durable. Epic work closely with installers to understand their daily challenges. We understand the homeowner and what they require from home heating. We understand the complexity and diversity of floors. 

We follow the industry news and integrate new technologies and we understand government policies and how they will affect the homeowner. Every detail of this knowledge is reflected in the careful engineering of our panels. We have been imitated and undercut but nobody can match our quality. Our experience makes our product better. It is in every detail of the underfloor heating panels we create.

"Our customers are at the heart of everything we do."


We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. For 17 years we have innovated solutions for the more complex challenges of the underfloor heating industry. Every detail of our panels have been engineered to make underfloor heating better, more efficient and with confidence you can pass on to your customers.


Our panels are made in the UK from quality UK sourced materials and are manufactured to strict UK standards. We do not cut corners and do not accept compromise. We pack innovation and considered engineering into every inch of our panels. We make it our job to provide you with the very best products for your underfloor heating install.


Our team are fluent in the challenges of underfloor heating and can help advise on the very best system for your individual project requirements. Please call us for support on everything from pipe sizes and layout to heat source and output. We can advise on which panels will best suit your property, floor type and heating system.


Our panels have been designed with efficiency in mind at every level. For our installers we aim to make quality fitting as easy and time efficient as possible. For your customers our panels are designed to help create the most efficient heat source as possible, saving money and maximising output across the board.

"How our underfloor heating panels make a difference."

There is a lot of design difference packed into our underfloor heating panels, and every detail is there for a reason. We focus on innovating differences that make underfloor heating better for property owners and installers and help drive the future towards achievable net zero heating alternatives.
How we help the property owner achieve optimum value and efficiency from their underfloor heating install.
How we help the installer maximise project efficiency and build quality on underfloor heating systems.
How our underfloor heating panels help prepare your home for future heating legislation.
How our underfloor heating panels help prepare your home for future heating legislation.


All of our underfloor heating panels have been created to solve some of the industries toughest challenges to make every install more efficient, durable and cost effective.


Our panels provide a robust base for your underfloor heating pipes. The panel designs incorporate moulding details which prevent twist and distortion.


Our panels include easy to use pipe clips which help you space pipes at the perfect distance and hold them firmly in position when the pipes are laid.


Our panels include the optimum amount of screw holes, perfectly positioned to hold your panels in place. This eliminates guesswork and makes fitting really efficient.


Our panels are moulded to prevent twist which helps keep the install floor level stable both during fitting and after the installation has been completed.


Our panels have markers to indicate the ultimate level for pouring screed. This eliminates guesswork and makes sure your installation works to maximum efficiency.


Our panels have an innovative locking system which holds them firmly together to create a firm and shake proof base for your underfloor heating pipework.


Our panels cater for different size pipes and help you position them accordingly for the correct heat output for you room size and heat source output.


We have engineered our panels to be easy to cut saving you time during the install and making fitting as simple and efficient as possible.

"We care that you get the right underfloor heating panels for every project you take on."

To get the maximum efficiency from your underfloor heating install you need the right underfloor heating panel for the job. We have various panel solutions and can recommend which are most suitable for different properties, floor sizes and floor types.

We can also advise on the best system to achieve the heat output you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone 01923 725180, or email sales@underfloorheating.co.uk. We are available Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm and are more than happy to help.